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Faux Finishing on the other hand:  

"Is not a production process"

Faux Finishes is really art and technique  and ever will be cost much more  than commercial paint. Faux Finishes usually require a “base-coat” (coat of paint) before the decorative process can begin. Like a painter, the faux finisher can complete this process fairly quickly. When faux finishing, the artisans use small tools like rags, cheese cloth and trowels. They cover only a small area at a time and work carefully to ensure that there are no “dry lines” (overlap marks) or “picture framing” (to dark or light around ceilings, floors and corners). The decorative painter usually works 40 to 60 sq ft per hour, depending on their skill level and the technique being applied. Also, the fact that there is little wall space in a room does not mean it will cost less for labor. Lots of built in cabinets or doors and windows actually can take longer to go around than a wall with no openings. This is because a competent, professional faux finisher will take the time to make sure that all of the edges are “clean”, not lighter or darker than the rest of the finish. This takes a great deal of time to be done correctly and will be reflected in the estimate. Kitchens and bathrooms can be especially time consuming. In general, faux finishes are “layered”, meaning that the artisan applies the painting more than one time around the room.

Each technique have a different price and is necessary to know what kind of work  you are looking for.

 As you can see, faux finishing requires more time and energy than painting. Therefore, the cost is substantially more.

"A good rule of thumb is that faux finishing a room will cost four to six times more than hiring a professional painting contractor to paint the same room a solid color."


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